A B O U T   F R a N C o

Born in Lima in 1980, FRaNCo's first approach to music was in school at the age of 6, being selected to sing and play at the usual recitals and learned later on by himself to play the guitar. As a dreamer, he felt from the beginning the need to create his own lyrics and melodies. His passion to travel and his curiosity for all kinds of music continued through the years allowing him to meet performers of different styles, merging these influences into his creations.

In 2002 he arrives to Italy, followed by Spain and finally Zurich, Switzerland where he records "Inventándote" together with Joaquín Rivas and Carlos Princz. After moving to Europe, FRaNCo absorbs new experiences, music genres and instruments that made him a musician, composer and lyricist.

In 2008 he lands in Atlanta, Georgia, USA where he learns and studies the technical and artistical fields of Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering Music, staying there for almost 4 years. Following his inherent insterest for new cultures, FRaNCo continues to travel and live around the world.