FRaNCo Pellegrini: Songwriter / Composer / Producer

Songs and Music created for: Film - TV - Artists - Web - Video - Multimedia

FRaNCo's Music has been featured on Network and Cable Television as well as in several independent films and In-Store Music: MTV - Sportsman Channel - Sony Pictures Television - The teaching Company - GSW - Maverick Advertising and Design - - Subway Restaurants - TNT Channel

His songs have been used in TV-shows and series episodes like TNT's "Murder in the First", Oprah Winfrey's House Proud at "The Nate Berkus Show", "Long Range Pursuit" among others.

Through the years and influenced by all the Cities in which he has lived, FRaNCo Pellegrini has consolidated himself as the musician, songwriter and producer that creates the song that will fill your heart and stay in your mind.

FRaNCo's 1st released Album "Inventándote" on iTunes:

You can listen to more recent creations visiting the MUSIC section.

Franco has experience working with Film & Animation creators to design specific songs for their projects in a short time-window. If this is your case please visit the CONTACT section.

All tracks created are also available in loops, 60, 30 and 15 seconds edits or any other format upon request.